Mineral Mountain Rochford Gold District

Black Hills, South Dakota initial mining 1874. Rich Banded Iron Formation Gold Belt – Hosting more than 62 million ounces of gold.

  • Stable Government
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Wharf Strip Mine still producing gold
  • Agnico exploring; Gilt Edge-Homestake area 20 core holes for gold
  • Experienced workforce
  • Supportive legislation
  • Ubiquitous Placer gold

MMV has evolved from exploration in the Rochford area to resource definition. There is a closely spaced cluster of 5 gold prospects of which 2 have been elevated to the resource/reserve evaluation stage. MMV envisions the potential for 3-5mm Au ounce per prospect.

The grouping would allow for a centralized processing facility. The MMV proprietary EM/aeromagnetics data has tied the group of five to other exploration prospects within the Rochford Gold District.